a few quick thoughts on ember for 2018 from a corporate citizen 2018-05-16

Reposting my contribution to the #EmberJS2018 roadmap.

introduction and caveats

At Innovu, we build a product using open source software. One such piece is Ember. In this post I join other community members speaking to "any aspect of Ember you have hopes for in 2018". The fact I can join in the conversation makes me happy because it highlights the strength behind a mature open source project. I will comment on 3 areas. Reader beware: technical jargon landmines ahead.

engines and their tooling

Engines give organizations power to create one application experience from many smaller codebases. Our product clearly benefits from this approach. I have started the process of migrating our monolithic repo to ones delineated by feature. Mostly this has worked but the edges that don't have blocked me from progressing. I hope to see this area of the ember ecosystem receive further documentation and tooling improvements. Locally developing engines using npm link didn't always work as I expected. I also found the public conversation about engines stale. Given blueprints don't exist for main projects has me worried as well.

learning, learning, learning

The Ember learning team has done tremendous work to articulate Ember and how to learn it. I started mid 2015 right around their official formation. During those weeks my feelings alternated between rage and joy. Such days of foraging GH issues, excavating ancient SO answers, and divining intent from blogs have finally vacated. I still feel lost sometimes. I would like to see clearer articulation of design decisions and future direction behind the framework. I think readers' questions on discuss.emberjs.com does this well. Keep it up!

make contributor path easy and happy

As Innovu benefits from open source projects like Ember, I contribute as I am able. This has mostly been small pull requests here and there. As I have perused various core project's each tends to have their own contributor's guide. Finding how and where I can help feels scattered. Issues do not receive effective labeling. This has translated into me not contributing to varying projects. I partly ask for the impossible. Bugs, feature requests, issue churn will outpace the mighty efforts of core team and active contributors. But I think optimizing for lesser contributors could increase the core team's efficiency and broadly benefit the community.

Bon voyage

Thank you for reading and considering. A grand huzzah to the people behind Ember and what they'll bring in 2018. Questions? Complaints? You can find me surfacing from the Internet as efx.

This was originally published at Innovu's blog. I am reposting here for historical integrity.